L - minimalistic lighting

L is a wall lamp in Scandinavian design, which in its minimalistic form combines energy-saving LED technology with waste material from other production. The light creates beautiful graphic designs on the wall and the wooden veneer glow sets the mood right.

Swing Chair - a modern rocking chair

Focusing on the needs of the modern society, Swing Chair presents a possibility to choose sustainable products with attractive design, as well as gives the user a moment for reflection in a stressful environment.

Come Together - a world within the table

Good friends and good food is two of the important ingredients in life. Throw in some blue tones and a glass of wine and you have yourself a great recipe to share. You have in this table two worlds; during the week a trusted friend, and for the treat an avid and passionate partner.

n3 - creating excitement

Building rooms really shouldn't be about putting up new walls, but rather to tear them down. n3 draws the attention, catches the eye, while contributing to the airiness of the room and thereby gives the visitor a dynamic experience.

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